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Food for Sport Ireland

Training Selection Box

Training Selection Box

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We know what it’s like to go hard at the gym. That’s why we’ve created Sportyfood. We offer low-carb & high-protein snacks and treats that can be quick fuel sources before or after a workout session. Don’t know which Sportyfood to get? Let us choose some items for you.

Get the Training Selection Box of Sportyfood. It’s a randomly mixed box of the best Sportyfood items. Each box will contain a selection of food from across our range. It may include Muffin Cocoa, Penne, Savoiardo Berries or Croissant. You can purchase the box once or subscribe for regular deliveries & save 15%.

Product image Description Quantity Price
Penne (1x50g)

Penne (1x50g) 5 €5.00
Sandwich Cocoa (1x40g)

Sandwich Cocoa (1x40g) 2 €4.98
Crackers Paprika (1x50g)

Crackers Paprika (1x50g) 2 €6.40
Muffin Cocoa (1x50g)

Muffin Cocoa (1x50g) 2 €5.90
Muffin Berries (1x50g)

Muffin Berries (1x50g) 2 €5.90
Savoiardo Berries (1x35g)

Savoiardo Berries (1x35g) 2 €3.90
Fusilli (1x50g)
Fusilli (1x50g) 5 €5.00
Toast Cocoa (2x80g)
Toast Cocoa (2x80g) 1 €8.95
Croissant (1x50g)
Croissant (1x50g) 3 €8.85

Savoiardo Hazelnut (1x35g)
Savoiardo Hazelnut (1x35g) 4 €7.80
Biscottino vanilla-Lemon (1x50g)
Biscottino vanilla-Lemon (1x50g) 2 €5.90
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