Meet Joe - A Time for Change

A day in the life......

Meet Joe. Over the coming days, we’ll be sharing with you Joe’s journey to improving his health & nutrition using #SportyFood

Stay tuned for updates from Joe

Episode 1


Episode 2

Joe has made the decision to try something new. His friend suggested he check out


Episode 3


Today, Joe is trying #SportyFood products for the first time, by making a small change to his regular breakfast.

Episode 4

Joe wanted to cut out his daily snacks, but was convinced instead to swap the unhealthy crisps for the protein-filled biscottino from #SportyFood

Episode 5

Joe is making a change to what he eats and drinks during a workout. Thanks to extra protein at breakfast & during the day, he can replace his shake with water and protein bar with a tastier #SportyFood muffin and still have the same protein intake with less calories and carbs consumed.

Episode 6

Today, Joe is changing up his favourite dinner by adding SportyFood Protein Fusilli to his bolognese.
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Episode 7
One week in and Joe is now making decisions for his own mental health and stress levels - starting with not focusing on the scales as much.
Episode 8

Joe is now fully onboard with SportyFood products and is ordering his favourites using Food for Sport’s subscription service to ensure he never runs out!

Episode 9

Joe has made some small but effective changes to his daily life and diet in the past 9 days by introducing SportyFood into his plans - now he feels like a new man 😊