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Sandwich Natural (1x40g)

Sandwich Natural (1x40g)

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All of the fragrance of bread in a soft protein bun with 15 gr of protein of high biological value, low carbs and enriched with creatine. Try it as a snack and fill it with what you desire or eat it along with your main meals.

INGREDIENTS: wheat protein (GLUTEN), WHEY protein (MILK), EGG white, rice protein, OAT protein, WHEAT fibre, inulin, acacia fibre, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, chocolate chips 5% (cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), salt, natural yeast, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, E471, preservative: potassium sorbate, sweetener: sodium cyclamate, creatine.


Average nutritional

Average nutritional 1 portion
values 100g 50g
Energy 309 Kcal 155 Kcal
1293 KJ 647 KJ
Fat 13.00g 6.50g
- of which saturates 3.00g 1.50g
Carbohydrate 8.00g 4.00g
- of which sugars 0.80g 0.40g
Fibre 20.00g 10.00g
Protein 30.00g 15.00g
Salt 1.20g 0.60g
- of which sodium 480mg 240mg
Creatine 1000mg 500mg


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