Sprinter Michael Deady on using Sportyfood and his training.

Sprinter Michael Deady on using Sportyfood and his training.

We love to hear from people who use Sportyfood and how it integrates into their routine. This week we heard from sprinter and Sportyfood fan Michael Deady, 27, from Menapians AC Wexford. 

Michael told us about his regime and plans for 2022.

I do 6-7 sessions per week

3 track running sessions

2 gym sessions and 2 circuit sessions

Currently I am into winter training preparing for the indoor season, so a lot of hill sprints on the running side of things and strength work in the gym 👌

I compete at national, provincial competitions and traveled to different countries for competitions & training too pre covid, which I hope to get back to in 2022!

My goal in 2022 is to break 7.10 for 60m and break 11.10 for 100m this should place me higher again in such races and ultimately in time reach the goal since I was 16 of below 7.00 for 60m and below 11.00 for 100m.

About Using Sportyfood

Since discovering SportyFood/Foodforsport I have been instantly impressed with how it benefited my routine with not just recovery from training, but with eating at work and on the go too. Foodforsport has allowed me to be assured that I will hit my protein targets every day regardless of being at home, travelling or at work. 


I have seen a better energy overall in myself & I have felt the benefits from creatine intake that are within the various snacks over time with gym power improving and also explosive activity on the track. 

They are also made with quality ingredients so you know what you are eating too. My times in the sprints on the track the season gone have been smashed with the help of a proper recovery aid like foodforsport from training! 

My favourites and the ones that are very good for me are the Spaghetti, Muffins & Paprika Crackers along with many more! 

All the Team at Food for Sport wish Micheal the very best. 

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