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Sportyfood Ireland UK, Sports Nutrition, Pasta, High Protein, Low Carb, creatine, HMB


The world's first protein-rich and low-carbohydrate ready-to-eat sports foods.

SportyFood is trusted by athletes and high-performance gym-goers alike. SportyFood products help to tone muscles thanks to high protein levels, increase performance ability thanks to creatine, improve body composition due to lower carb intakes, increase energy levels thanks to carnitine, and protect muscles from stress thanks to the addition of HMB.

Bread - Biscuits - Pasta - Snacks - Spreads - Chocolate.

No more potions and powders to get your sports nutrition.

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FeelingOk is a line of reduced carbohydrate intake products made with innovative ingredients and methods which aim to improve the well-being without sacrificing the Italian food tradition.

The FeelingOk products are divided into 2 lines, each with different nutritional principles.

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